steve.lustbader at steve.lustbader at
Thu Oct 17 12:18:52 CDT 2002

>>>>> "steve" == steve lustbader <steve.lustbader at> writes:
>    steve> I have an app that starts 2 other processes using CreateProcess.
>    steve> When one of these new proceses calls GetCommandLine, an empty
>    steve> string is returned (the correct string is returned for the
>    steve> original process).  I tried looking into it, but I think this
>    steve> part of Wine is a little over my head.  Any thoughts/fixes for
>    steve> this, anyone?
>Can you produce a short C program that reproduces the problem and make that
>program available?

I uploaded a zip of both the source and the executables to (it's a modification of the "Hello
World" app generated by MSVC automatically).  Run MainProc.exe and choose
Help, About, which will run the other process (make sure to run MainProc.exe
from the directory it's in).  Both windows should display the commandline they
were started with.  In Windows, you should see one window display MainProc.exe
and the other display SubProc.exe.  With Wine, the first window will display
MainProc.exe and the other won't display anything.  If you run SubProc.exe by
itself, in either Wine or Windows, the command line is displayed correctly.


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