wineconsole examples?

Vincent Béron vberon at
Thu Oct 17 13:13:32 CDT 2002

Le jeu 17/10/2002 à 14:09, Bill Holland a écrit :
> Hello,
> Is there a good example WINE configuration for running a simple console
> program (using wineconsole)?
> For example, the windows program?

I don't know about wineconsole (Éric?), but for CUI DOS/WIN32 programs
the ttydrv driver (in place of the x11drv) works.

It lauches in whichever terminal is presently used: console, ssh, xterm.
I'm not sure about doing fancy "graphics" with it though. But if TLIB
has the same UI as cvs, then it should be good (at least on the UI


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