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Thu Oct 17 13:54:28 CDT 2002

>>>>> "steve" == steve lustbader <steve.lustbader at> writes:

    steve> This patch pretty much fixes it.  It still isn't quite right,
    steve> although this probably isn't the same problem.  In windows,
    steve> GetCommandLine returns a string with quotes around it, while in
    steve> wine, only the sub process command line has quotes around it (ie,
    steve> in windows the first window displays "MainProc.exe", while the
    steve> second displays "SubProc.exe", while in wine it's MainProc.exe
    steve> and "SubProc.exe").

With first window I guess you mean the first window when you started your
program on the command line. Did you try to put your commandline in excaped
quotes? Like 'wine -- \"test.exe\"'. I think that was the consense when we
last time discussed that problem.


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