Andreas Mohr andi at
Thu Oct 17 14:27:40 CDT 2002

On Thu, Oct 17, 2002 at 02:36:41PM -0400, steve.lustbader at wrote:
> This patch pretty much fixes it.  It still isn't quite right, although
> this probably isn't the same problem.  In windows, GetCommandLine returns
> a string with quotes around it, while in wine, only the sub process command
> line has quotes around it (ie, in windows the first window displays
> "MainProc.exe", while the second displays "SubProc.exe", while in wine it's
> MainProc.exe and "SubProc.exe").
That's because in Windows, Start -> Execute *always* quotes the argument.
(dito with Explorer file execution)

Needless to say, some programs are having trouble with the Wine way of doing
things: not quoting arguments.
(they are prepared to cut away quotes and fail horribly if they don't exist)

Not quoting the arguments is a legal way of doing it, but I guess in order
to be 150% compliant with Windows, we might want to think of a way
to reintroduce quotes for programs we start.
(IIRC Alexandre said it's a bit difficult, but should be doable)

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