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>>>>> "Dimitrie" == Dimitrie O Paun <dpaun at> writes:

    Dimitrie> Hi folks, Even though I never use a debugger, I had winedbg
    Dimitrie> startup automatically a few times, and I noticed that I get no
    Dimitrie> text in the console. Actually, I do (as I can select it and
    Dimitrie> copy it), but it doesn't get rendered. I tried changing the
    Dimitrie> font, but the only option I get is "Courier New". Tried
    Dimitrie> different size, but nothing helped. Strange thing is that the
    Dimitrie> sample "This is a test" in the font selection tab works just
    Dimitrie> fine.

    Dimitrie> Any tips for fixing this are highly appreciated.

Look at the [Software\\Wine\\WineDbg] section in ~/.wine/system.reg.
With "ConChannelMask"=dword:00000001 output should to the wineconsole.


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