Known listview problems

Dimitrie O. Paun dpaun at
Thu Oct 17 17:44:24 CDT 2002


Things look pretty good on the listview front. In fact, I am kindda 
happy the way things are, as the S-series patches were rather tricky
at points...

Currently, I know of the following problems:
  -- Newsbin dies swiftly 
     (reported my Rein Klazes)
  -- FTPCommander seems to experience some listview-related faults
     (reported by Carlos Lozano)
  -- Xnews has some minor focus rectangle problems
     (discovered by myself :))
  -- IDAdemo _may_ have some minor drawing glitches

At this point, I would like to ask everybody that is aware of a
listview problem to report it. I might not be able to put as
much time, and effort into listview, as I did lately, so the more
of a complete picture I have now, the better the chances that
I'm gonna fix it.

Next on my TODO:
  -- Fix Newsbin's crash
     (BTW, Rein I need a new trace with the latest CVS, if possible)
  -- Store per-column info into the listview
     (see the second status update for details)

If you feel that there is a particular are of the listview that needs
attention, let me know so I can work it into my TODO, time permitting.


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