pragma packing on sparc solaris

Steven Edwards Steven_Ed4153 at
Thu Oct 17 18:27:37 CDT 2002

>AFAIK the only non x86 versions of Windows were the Windows NT 3.1 to
>3.51 (and maybe not all of them) and they were available on MIPS, Alpha
>(32bit mode only) and (I believe) PowerPC. In any case they are all dead
>now (have been for a long time, I would say at least 3 years).

NT 4.0 Also support these platforms to SP3/4 + IE4. after this 
everything but Alpha and X86 was support untill Sp6 and then M$ drop'd 
support for Alpha with Win2k RC1 I think. A interesting note about Win2k 
on alpha was that it was fully 64-bit.


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