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Fri Oct 18 17:43:23 CDT 2002

> > =>0 0x402acdc7 (NTDLL.DLL.memcpy+0x27 in (ebp=406a29e4)
> >   1 0x40c90844 (DIB_DirectDrawSurface_BltFast+0x51c(iface=0x403c2da8,
> > dstx=0x28, dsty=0x23, src=0x403c3878, rsrc=0x406a2b8c, trans=0x10)
> > [dib.c:870] in (ebp=406a2b34)
> >   2 0x40c937df (IDirectDrawSurface3Impl_BltFast+0x47(This=0x403c2dac,
> > x=0x28, y=0x23, pSrcSurf=0x403c387c, prcSrc=0x406a2b8c, dwTrans=0x10)
> > [thunks.c:94] in (ebp=406a2b5c)
> >   3 0x0044ecfe (Panzer3d.exe..text+0x4dcfe in
> > C:\games\pgiiid\Panzer3d.exe) (ebp=406a2b9c)
> Well, could you either send me a +ddraw log of the problem or create a bug
> on Bugzilla and attach the log there.

Ok, now because I don't have really much time to spend on debugging
(hope that will change soon), here is the full log with +ddraw debugmsg
set on. But before I will really debug this thingy, I will first try to
complete about the bugfix for wizardry 8 I mentioned about a month before
(and have also written a workaround for this game only).


P.S.: be aware that the log.txt has 3.7MB after decompressing it.

PPS: No problem with the mail beeing harsh, in fact my first mail about
this _WAS_ useless
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