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Sat Oct 19 08:58:56 CDT 2002

On 17 Oct 2002, dpaun at wrote:

>   -- Store per-column info into the listview
>      (see the second status update for details)

I think this may have broken something in Xnews.  In the newsgroup listing 
(always) and the article listing (sometimes), selecting an item causes the 
rightmost two columns or so to be cut off.  Forcing a redraw of the window 
fixes it temporarily.  I went back in CVS and 1.251 of listview.c is first 
version that does this.  I also added U0 and U1 but that didn't make any 

I was out of town all last week, but now I'm caught up and running CVS 

- In Xnews open a group or article listing with a bunch of rows.  Page down 
a few times, then hold Shift and page up once.  What should be the new top 
row is being drawn on top of the listview heading.  This happens only with 
multiple selection.  Single-select Page up is fine.  Looks like this first 
happened in 1.202.

- It seems we're back to O(n) performance on long listviews.  My group 
listing with 50,000 entries takes about a second to select an item.  I went 
back and found that 1.248 is the first one with this problem.

- Place an xterm or some other window partially covering a listview.  
Scroll down using the arrow key with the window on top.  The row just 
coming out from under the xterm is a copy of the row above it rather than 
the correct one.  Scrolling up does the same thing but with the row on the 
bottom.  I first noticed this in the L or M series of patches right before 
I left, but I think it may be older than that.

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