new wine, me whining

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Sat Oct 19 05:14:32 CDT 2002

> > Ok, now because I don't have really much time to spend on debugging
> > (hope that will change soon), here is the full log with +ddraw debugmsg
> > set on.
> Could you try with the attached patch ? I really do not understand why the
> game gave you negative values for the call to the BltFast method (it would
> need a lot more debugging time to try to understand), but at least with this
> patch Wine won't crash.
> And it may even fix the game if these values only happen once :-)

Ok, it stops wine from crashing at this point (it still crashes when
exiting the program, but that is ... irrelevant), but the ingame graphics
are not drawn.
I'm attaching another debug output.

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