Jeff Smith whydoubt at
Sun Oct 20 00:03:38 CDT 2002

Already running builtin ole32/oleaut32/rpcrt4.
I have stdole2.tlb and stdole32.tlb, but no tbl files.
Am I missing something?

Any further thoughts?

BTW, the only command-line message I get is:
"fixme:seh:check_resource_write Broken app is writing to the resource data, 
enabling work-around"

- Thanks
- Jeff S.

> >>>>> "Jeff" == Jeff Smith <whydoubt at> writes:
>     Jeff> Trying to install the Music Ace Demo (, I get
>     Jeff> stopped by a messagethat "The InstallShield Engine (iKernel.exe)
>     Jeff> could not be installed. (0x20)"
>     Jeff> I think someone said DCOM98 needs to be installed for
>     Jeff> InstallShield to work properly, so I did, and nothing changed.
>Have native stdole*.tbl available in the system directory and run with
>builtin ole32/oleaut32/rpcrt4. Has been told uqite often...
>Uwe Bonnes                bon at

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