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Sun Oct 20 06:13:28 CDT 2002

>>>>> "Jeff" == Jeff Smith <whydoubt at> writes:

    Jeff> Already running builtin ole32/oleaut32/rpcrt4.  I have stdole2.tlb
    Jeff> and stdole32.tlb, but no tbl files.  Am I missing something?

No. Just a typing error.

    Jeff> Any further thoughts?

For me IS6 application often hang on the first run. Trying repeatedly some
of the next times it works. If that doesn't work for you, try to
debug. Check where the application hangs and for what event or message or
process it waits.

    Jeff> BTW, the only command-line message I get is:
    Jeff> "fixme:seh:check_resource_write Broken app is writing to the
    Jeff> resource data, enabling work-around"

This is normal for some applications.


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