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Paul Rupe prupe at
Sun Oct 20 17:17:11 CDT 2002

On 20 Oct 2002, dpaun at wrote:

> On October 19, 2002 09:58 am, Paul Rupe wrote:
>> I think this may have broken something in Xnews.  In the newsgroup
>> listing (always) and the article listing (sometimes), selecting an
>> item causes the rightmost two columns or so to be cut off.

> This should be fixed now, with the V0-8. Can you please check?


>> - It seems we're back to O(n) performance on long listviews.  My
>> group listing with 50,000 entries takes about a second to select an
>> item.

> Fixed. Please confirm.

Yep.  Nice and fast again.

> Yes. This is related to a bug that I signaled sometime ago:
> It has nothing to do with the listview. I should file this as a bug...
> Alexandre, any comments on this one?

You're right.  Must be that the old listview (1.143) avoids this problem 
because it's so redraw-happy.

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