fairly old wine regression: no$gmb no longer works

Jonathan Gevaryahu lord_nightmare at users.sourceforge.net
Mon Oct 21 21:13:30 CDT 2002

In wine builds from early? last year until January 29th, 2002, no$gmb 
(Nocash gameboy emulator) worked reasonably in wine (yes it would crash 
if you did 'animate trace' for too long, but that's a seperate issue). 
the commit which broke it was to wine/dlls/comctl32/status.c, on January 
29th at 11:54 am.
However, the fix that was done to status.c seems to be valid (later 
fixes to status.c do the same as what the fix did, I believe), so I 
suspect that the bug stems from some other issue which causes it to need 
the incorrect behavior in status.c in order to work. (personally I think 
it was something done during January that makes it need the incorrect 
status.c behavior, but I'm probably wrong)

The nocash website is http://www.work.de/nocash/ or http://nocash.work.de/

Jonathan Gevaryahu

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