Third listview status update

Dimitrie O. Paun dpaun at
Mon Oct 21 22:57:52 CDT 2002


With my latest W-series patches, the listview should now
be a pleasure to work with: fast, *no* flicker, etc.
It should be a lot better than before I started working
on it. If this is not the case (there are regressions,
there is nasty flicker *anywhere*, it's slow, or in
general it's not a pleasure to interact with it, i.e.
you don't get a warm and fuzzy feeling) let me know now.

Internally, the code is a lot cleaner. I have started on
Sep. 9, 2002, at revision 1.138. A month and a half, and
almost 150 revisions later, most of the code has changed
multiple times. Large number of visible, and mostly invisible
bugs have been fixed, a lot of corner cases covered, features
implemented, listview has been made scalable, flicker has
been eliminated by redrawing the absolute minimum, etc. 
We are now on solid ground to implement more stuff.

This has been an extenuating exercise. I am tired, and on
top of it all, real life has knocked on my door. This does
not mean I'll stop working on it, but it probably means
that I will not be able to put as much time into it.

For the above mentioned reasons, I think it's best for everybody
if we stabilize the code as much as possible, before we start
working on the large number of missing features. For this I need
your help -- the few apps that I test with work just fine now.

I would like to thank everybody that helped me with testing,
patches, or reporting bugs. I couldn't have done the half of
it without that support.

This sounds like this is a done deal. It's not. There's a lot
of stuff that remains to be done, but I needed some closure. :)


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