Marshalling code for me to use?

Jürgen Schmied juergen.schmied at
Tue Oct 22 04:40:13 CDT 2002

> > and I don't know about anyone else working on it
> > (Juergen Schmied is probably busy with other stuff). 
Yes, I'm not able to do much of work for some month. (Bussy
changing nappies...).
I was only merging the RPC stuff because I was interested in getting 
ove's COM stuff into wine. I might start to work there (COM) again sometimes later
[or more early if I could pay my bills from it ...  - thats life ;-) ]

I still have some not-yet-ready-for-submitting LPC stuff in my queue. (If sbd 

I found te freedce project at sourceforge. Maybe rpc could borrow (ndr-)code there?

juergen.schmied at

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