here's a snapshot of my tree...

Greg Turner gmturner007 at
Tue Oct 22 03:14:46 CDT 2002

I'm holding back on submitting an "official" patch to give Alexandre
the chance to catch up so I can start a new "F" series and not
stay forever conceptually forked from CVS wine.  But I thought he or
somebody else might like to see what's I'm up to so here goes (I'm also
having some HD troubles so, in case I have a meltdown, this will prevent
me from losing my work!)

I'm enclosing a diff relative to E_PL15 and also a bigger one of uncomitted 
changes relative to CVS wine (the E_PLxx series are inclusive of this latter
diff, so there is nothing new there).  I've indexed it as F_PL1 because
presumably F_PL0 will be yet another copy of the unmerged server

the E_PL15_unmerged patch does not include the F_PL1_pre0 patch,
so if you take CVS wine, apply E_PL15_unmerged.diff, and then
apply F_PL1_pre0.diff on top of that, you have my tree.  As usual,
this is not a hint to apply.


CHANGELOG (for rpc_F_PL1_pre0 only):

* dlls/rpcrt4: ndr_marshall.c, ndr_midl.c, ndr_misc.h;
  include: rpcndr.h, wine/rpcfc.h: 
  Greg Turner <gmturner007 at>
- make explicit some hidden include dependencies
- Implement NdrGetBuffer, NdrFreeBuffer, and 
- define the RPC_FC_C_CSTRING constant
- perhaps I don't want those MIDL structs after all. removed.


"Oh, and of course, the fastest way to dig
 a tunnel is to dig at both sides."
   -- The Linux Advanced Routing HOWTO
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