Treeview fix

Jeff Smith whydoubt at
Wed Oct 23 00:29:31 CDT 2002

Oops, your previous message got lost in the shuffle...
I'm sure anything is better than the little patch I wrote.
I was just taking a minimalist approach to get treeview working.

-- Jeff S

Dimi wrote:
>On October 23, 2002 12:44 am, Jeff Smith wrote:
> > I discovered treeview uses DSA's and Dimi recently
> > changed the max element number in DSA's to 0x7fff (SHRT_MAX).
> > Note this value has the special meaning in DSA_InsertPtr
> > functions of 'add new element to end of array'.
>This was my initial reaction to this thing, as well. But I
>think my fix (sent earlier with Subject DPA_InsertPtr) is
>better. Please try it out -- it should fix your problem.
>BTW, I've also audited all other uses of DPA_InsertPtr,
>and they are fine. We should be back to normal now (well,
>after my patch is applied, of course).

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