using native regedit

Jeff Smith whydoubt at
Wed Oct 23 09:05:42 CDT 2002

I did some testing and found that
*\\whatever.exe does not work, while
*whatever.exe does.
In case anyone thinks to themselves, "but that
could cause problems for xwhatever.exe!",
I tested further and found that it only
affects programs with the name whatever.exe
and not those such as xwhatever.exe.

-- Jeff S.

>We could add this to show different behaviours :
>; you can specify applications too
>; This one will apply for all notepad.exe
>;"*\\notepad.exe"  = "native, builtin"
>; This one will apply only for a particular file
>;"C:\\regedit.exe" = "native, builtin"
>Is everyone ok ?

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