Treeview fix

Jeff Smith whydoubt at
Wed Oct 23 09:25:45 CDT 2002

This patch did the trick.  Well I cannot test it at the moment, but
  as the value INT_MAX (0x7fffffff) was the issue, I know this will fix
  it.  The limit works a lot better (is a lot safer) than the 'special'

-    if (i == 0x7fff)
+    if (i >= 0x7fff)
        i = hdpa->nItemCount;

>From: "Dimitrie O. Paun" <dpaun at>
>On October 23, 2002 01:29 am, Jeff Smith wrote:
> > Oops, your previous message got lost in the shuffle...
> > I'm sure anything is better than the little patch I wrote.
> > I was just taking a minimalist approach to get treeview working.
>No, your patch was quite good. Would have certainly fixed the treeview,
>but I think apps depend on the extended behavior. Does my patch fix
>the problems you were experiencing?

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