[RFC] Adding an include/wine/wine directory?

Patrik Stridvall ps at leissner.se
Wed Oct 23 11:28:02 CDT 2002

> Patrik Stridvall <ps at leissner.se> writes:
> > Of course compiling every DLL with the Microsoft headers requires
> > fixing all of include/wine/ but then as long as we have a solution
> > when we get where eventually is good enough IMHO, doing that is no
> > particular rush. Having the Wine tests work properly sooner
> > rather than later is much more important though.
> I agree getting the Wine tests to work soon is important, but you
> don't really need the final header organization for that; you can
> easily work around the current problem by copying files around or
> specifying an absolute -I option.

True. I have already done so. It works. Patch posted to wine-patches.
> I don't think we have found a fully satisfying solution yet, and IMO
> the situation will be clearer when the dll separation is finished and
> the loose ends are cleaned up, so I'd prefer to wait until then to
> decide on the final structure. 

OK. As you wish. 

> (And my secret hope is that by then we
> will be able to switch to Subversion which should make renaming files
> a lot easier; but that's another topic...)

Ah, nice. :-)

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