Shachar Shemesh wine-devel at
Thu Oct 24 05:06:53 CDT 2002

Martin Wilck wrote:

>Dear Shachar,
>>As for printer drivers, and services at large - there is a major 
>>question here of whether we wish Wine services to be able to server 
>>non-wine processes. If the answer is "yes", as is probably the case with 
>>an Adobe PDF printer driver, or with a winmodem's driver, root must 
>>install them.
>You mean Administrator here, right? I still think Administrator != root.
I totally agree that Administrator does not necessarily means root. I 
did, however, mean root.

>If e.g. CUPS passes PDF data to a wine printer driver acting as a
>filter, I don't see why this filter would need to run as root.
The filter does not, but installing it for all users does. This is not 
different from any other CUPS filter. If you don't have root, you cannot 
install a (unix) system wide printer. If you have administrator, you can 
install a printer driver that will be available to all Wine programs, 
but that's it.

Actually, thinking about it again, I think a better approach to the 
printer drivers problem would be to create a CUPS filter that directs 
printing to the pritner driver installed in the system wide Wine. This 
way, it can be installed independantly of the actual windows printer 
drivers. Like you said in another email, however, this is somewhat in 
the future.

> The
>winmodem is different because it requires hardware access.
Yes, it is. Like I said earlier, however, I would like to differentiate 
between requiring root to install and requiring root to run.

>>If the answer is "no", then there is no breaking of the model. With the 
>>directory structure as defined today, each user can install it, claiming 
>>full admin rights over the loca directory structure. Of course, the new 
>>adobe's printer driver only serves his programs.
>Yes, both approaches can actually coexist on the same machine. Great!
>Now someone just needs to start implementing security handling in
I think implementing "multi-user" wine should come earlier. At first, 
you will simply get the security handling of trying to open a file and 
getting "access denied" from the unix permissions system.



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