Known listview bugs (take 2)

Francois Gouget fgouget at
Thu Oct 24 05:43:10 CDT 2002


On Thu, 24 Oct 2002, Dimitrie O. Paun wrote:

> Folks,
> After my latest X-series patches (currently at X6), I am aware
> of the following listview bugs:
> Yes, you read correctly: NONE. :)
> So I ask you for one of two things:
>   -- bug reports

Here goes! I tested with all patches up to X6 applied. I took WinZip 8.1
(hopefully easy to get a hold of), opened a big zip file and noticed the
following things:

 * if I resize the 'Type' column there is a lot of flicker in the first
column. Now there are some things to be said about that:
   - since this changes the width of the first column it seems
unavoidable to redraw it (unless we keep its maximum width?)
   - on NT4 it only redraws the columns when I release the mouse button
so of course it does not flicker. So either our comctl32 is more
advanced and does on-the-fly resizing, or maybe it should not.

 * if I move the 'Type' column to the left it gets corrupted. See

 * on NT4 'PageUp' moves the selection to the first visible item of the
list. Once on the first visible item of the page it moves us one page
up, i.e. the selected item becomes the last fully visible item of the
list. Not sure if this is a listiew issue or a srollbar issue.

 * similarly on NT4 'PageDown' moves the selection to the last _fully_
visible item of the list. Once on the last _fully_ visible item of the
list it scrolls one page down, i.e. that item becomes the first visible
item of the list.

 * when editing an item (e.g. in the Open dialog), the old value of the
item is not erased and will appear behind the said item. See
listview2.png. This could almost be considered a feature.

 * still in the Open dialog, if I click on an item that is not fully
visible in the right-most column, then the list will scroll to make that
item visible. However I also get this scrolling for items in the
right-most column even though all items in that column appear to be
fully visible. Also, on NT4 I do not get this scrolling so the issue may
be there or again, it may be the exact behavior changed in later
comctl32 revisions.

 * if I click on the headers garbage temporarily appears in them but
then the correct text is redisplayed. Seems more likely to be a header
issue... (the blue icon indicating the sort order does not appear

 * Ctrl+Up/Down Arrow does not seem to work. More precisely, the current
position of the cursor is not shown in any way although a slight
flicker gives us a hint that the cursor really is moving..

 * when moving using Ctrl+Up/Down Arrow, space should be (de)selecting
the current item. That does not seem to work either.

That may seem like a long list but I think it does not contain anything
really major. Goo job!

> or
>   -- success stories

Well, just put back the old listview and compare with the new one. The
new one is much better despite the above issues.

Francois Gouget         fgouget at
      Any sufficiently advanced bug is indistinguishable from a feature.
                            -- from some indian guy
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