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Thu Oct 24 09:36:50 CDT 2002

Am Don, 2002-10-24 um 15.43 schrieb Dustin Navea:

> Another potential problem popped into my head though,
> and that is:
> what if someone edits the initscript to where wine
> runs as root (or someone compromises the server and
> does it), 

If the system is already compromised it is too late anyway.
Some intruder who can change init scripts already has root rights and
probably wouldn't bother with wine.

If sysadmin himself changes the init script to run wine as root it is
his own fault (he could as well have their apache or bind run as root,
also a bad idea for both).

> or what if someone just changes the
> owner/group on the file (like a word doc), and then
> tries to run it with wine, what happens then?

Unless wine has some suid capabilities (which it shouldn't) 
this has no impact - wine runs in the account of the user who opens the
file (runs word).


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