Martin Wilck Martin.Wilck at
Thu Oct 24 10:58:25 CDT 2002

Am Don, 2002-10-24 um 17.08 schrieb Dustin Navea:

> I was actually thinking more from a read the file
> standpoint, i.e if in the future wine runs as a
> service with its own account, would wine be able to
> read the file after someone changed the file's owner
> from wine to, say user speeddy, or would it just say
> access denied and not let you read the file, therefore
> making you have to redo the permissions or make it
> owned by wine again.

In the near future this would depend on whether wine's account has
(group or world) rights on speedy's word file. Actually in the near
future the user is far more likely to start a separate instance of wine
in his own account for editing his word files.


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