[linux-audio-dev] Fwd: Opinions on running VST or DirectX pluginson Linux in real time

Peter L Jones peter at drealm.org.uk
Wed Oct 23 15:50:16 CDT 2002

On Wednesday 23 Oct 2002 19:52, Eric Pouech wrote:
> - port routing will not be easily solved. for example, it will be hard
> to
>   match dynamic aspect of JACK port creation/deletion (unless we break
>   away from windows API)
Just to jump on this one point :-)...  How does Windows handle hot plugging of 
multiple USB audio/midi devices?  Could not creation/deletion of jack ports 
do something similar (even if that meant, "unplug old jack device with n 
ports", "replug new jack device with n+/-m ports"... that's nasty...)

-- Peter

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