Known listview bugs (take 2)

Paul Rupe prupe at
Thu Oct 24 13:12:35 CDT 2002

On 24 Oct 2002, dpaun at wrote:

> So I ask you for one of two things:
>   -- bug reports

A couple minor Xnews problems (running X7):

- Open a newsgroup with enough articles to cause a vertical scrollbar.  As 
the articles load, Xnews displays them without any threading or sorting.  
After it's done, it should thread them and redraw the whole list, but only 
the top row gets redrawn.  The usual minimize/restore fixes it and there's 
no problem if there's no scrollbar.  The problem first appeared in v1.282, 
which is very odd because all that one did was add a #include 

- This is something that never worked in the old code either so it may not 
be listview-related.  An obscure Xnews feature is that you can right-click 
the read column in the newsgroup listing and edit its contents.  Instead 
the standard context menu for that window appears.

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