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Thu Oct 24 13:19:45 CDT 2002

--- Steve Langasek <vorlon at> wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 24, 2002 at 08:08:49AM -0700, Dustin
> Navea wrote:
> > > > or what if someone just changes the
> > > > owner/group on the file (like a word doc), and
> > > then
> > > > tries to run it with wine, what happens then?
> > > 
> > > Unless wine has some suid capabilities (which it
> > > shouldn't) 
> > > this has no impact - wine runs in the account of
> the
> > > user who opens the
> > > file (runs word).
> > I was actually thinking more from a read the file
> > standpoint, i.e if in the future wine runs as a
> > service with its own account, would wine be able
> to
> > read the file after someone changed the file's
> owner
> > from wine to, say user speeddy, or would it just
> say
> > access denied and not let you read the file,
> therefore
> > making you have to redo the permissions or make it
> > owned by wine again.
> Just as wine should not be run as root, file i/o in
> wine should NEVER be
> done in a security context other than that of the
> user running the Windows
> app.  Anything that would cause user data files to
> be written out under a
> different uid is broken.

Thats not what I'm saying, what I'm saying is this:
wine gets started by an initscript, so that you can
run a .exe file by directly double-clicking on it. 
User Speeddy double-clicks winword.exe, creates a .doc
file adds a few lines and saves it.  When it gets
saves, it gets saves to the *nix fs with owner and
group wine.  Say later on he wants to try out kword. 
So he goes to open it in kword, but since he isnt user
wine or part of group wine, he gets access denied.  So
he goes and changes the owner/group to
speeddy/speeddy, oepns the file in kword, adds a few
more lines, and saves it.  Then he decides he doesnt
like kword and goes to run it in ms word again. 
Access denied again because it isnt owned by
user/group wine, it is owned by user/group speeddy. 
So he has to go redo the owner/group again.  That is
too much of a hassle.  Wine could be an almost
all-powerful account.  Where root is god, wine could
be king. root can rwx anything, wine can rw

I know the above example is not very common, but it
can happen if we have wine running in it's own
account, unless the wine account is setup as explained
in the end of above paragraph.


P.S. have I confused everyone enough yet? ;-P

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