Why would Installshield want WINSPOOL.DRV

David.Goodenough at DGA.co.uk David.Goodenough at DGA.co.uk
Thu Oct 24 19:23:37 CDT 2002

I was asked by my son to install a couple of games for him on his Linux
laptop.  Wine is installed (at the current Debian unstable level) but when
I try to run the installer, which says it is InstallShield, it gets to 99%
and stops, and the console says that it can not load WINSPOOL.DRV.

Firstly I can think of no good reason for InstallShield to want this (can
anyone else, as far as I know this game - Star Trek Elite Force - does not
have a print facility), and secondly what do you think is my best route fix
the problem.  There are some Windows machines (98/ME/NT4) in the house, I
am using Win 98 mode in Wine, which machine should I copy WINSPOOL.DRV from
if it will help?

Thanks in advance


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