Known listview bugs (take 2)

Dimitrie O. Paun dpaun at
Thu Oct 24 16:21:33 CDT 2002

On October 24, 2002 04:00 pm, Francois Gouget wrote:
> Argh! I cheated. I used a slightly older Wine and copied the comctl32
> dll there. Today I retested with CVS Wine plus the latest X11 patch and
> got it to work by just replacing the shell32 library with an older one.

Can you please search what broke shell32? This is Not Good (TM).

> I generated a log of the Winzip 'crash on exit'. You can find it there:
> (2.7MB)

Oh, thanks, but I have Winzip, and there's nothing decent in the log.
I've looked already :)

> Also I am getting a crash when I resize the WinZip window:
> fixme:listview:LISTVIEW_SetColumnOrderArray iCount 9 lpiArray 0x406828a8
> wine: listview.c:1639: LISTVIEW_GetItemOrigin: Assertion `nItem >= 0 &&
> nItem < infoPtr->nItemCount' failed.

I'll look into this, if I get how to run WinZip.

> >  * on NT4 'PageUp' moves the selection to the first visible item of the
> > list. Once on the first visible item of the page it moves us one page
> > up, i.e. the selected item becomes the last fully visible item of the
> > list. Not sure if this is a listiew issue or a srollbar issue.
> >
> >  * similarly on NT4 'PageDown' moves the selection to the last _fully_
> > visible item of the list. Once on the last _fully_ visible item of the
> > list it scrolls one page down, i.e. that item becomes the first visible
> > item of the list.

I haven't yet hacked keyboard handling. Maybe later.

> >  * when editing an item (e.g. in the Open dialog), the old value of the
> > item is not erased and will appear behind the said item. See
> > listview2.png. This could almost be considered a feature.

So should I change this? I can, it's not a problem...

> >  * still in the Open dialog, if I click on an item that is not fully
> > visible in the right-most column, then the list will scroll to make that
> > item visible. However I also get this scrolling for items in the
> > right-most column even though all items in that column appear to be
> > fully visible. Also, on NT4 I do not get this scrolling so the issue may
> > be there or again, it may be the exact behavior changed in later
> > comctl32 revisions.

Do you want this changed? I think it's desired behaviour, less the
scrolling when it shouldn't...


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