Whats done? not?

Christensen Tom paveraware at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 25 01:20:56 CDT 2002

Obviously wine is still being actively developed,
and I know its not close to "done" however, I want to get involved, I know 
C/C++ and have a pretty good grasp of windows apis, I'm just wondering is 
there a place (kinda like in the Mono project they have a tree laid out with 
all of the classes/functions that are in the .NET runtime, and they have 
them marked done, being worked on, not started...)  So I'm wondering if wine 
has anything similar? or should i just pick a function, and see if its done 
already by searching through the source?  At any rate, wine should have a 
nice concise place to look and see if wine has certain functions 

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