How can an app detect it's running under WINE?

Patrik Stridvall ps at
Fri Oct 25 09:49:21 CDT 2002

> --- Patrik Stridvall <ps at> wrote:
> > So that is why there is no OFFICAL way to detect
> > Wine, simple because
> > if where was an offical way people could quite
> > reasonable complain if
> > some change to Wine broke their detection. However
> > since there are no
> > offical way, they can't complain can they? :-)
> Probably it's time to make an "official" way?

No and IMHO there is no reason to have an offical way at all.

> This problem appears with each application, ported
> with Wine and isn't going to go away even when Wine
> will correctly implement all Windows api ;-)

If Wine implement every Windows API, why do you care 
whether you are running under Wine at all?

Your application works as good as it does under Windows. Period.

Of course you might better intergration with X Windows,
printing or whatever to make your application work
EVEN BETTER under Wine. :-)

Then you have two choice:
1. Recompile your application using Winelib and use Unix API's
2. Under Windows, link with and use some "Wine extension" DLL that
   are just in many cases "return FALSE;
   on Windows but are implemented on Unix (or some Unixes).

Sure (2) currently doesn't exist yet. However it wouldn't be
very difficult to do it, if there is need. But no these functions
are not for detecting Wine they are for tighter intergration 
with the underlying "OS" like X Windows, printing or whatever.

However this is IMHO far beyond 1.0, so don't hold your breath.

But sure if you can name some "Wine extension" API we REALLY need
we might do it sooner...

PS. Theoretically, the "Wine extensions" DLLs might be implementated on
some future version Windows as well and it would be quite ironical if
Microsoft did in the future. :-)

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