Known listview bugs (take 2)

Jeff Smith whydoubt at
Fri Oct 25 13:33:12 CDT 2002

  Just a couple of days ago, the problem with native (W95-OSR2.1)
regedit was that changing keys in the tree kept piling up new items
in the listview.  It was quite interesting seeing multiple (Default)
values for a key :-).
  Now (12 hours ago anyways) it is always blank.  When I click on
where the values should be (highlight them), sometimes they will
show up then.  It seems something is not being refreshed that
should be.
  Maybe I'll get a chance to dig in later today if nothing has been
uncovered by then.

-- Jeff S.

>From: Greg Turner <gmturner007 at>
>On Friday 25 October 2002 07:35 am, Dimitrie O. Paun wrote:
> > On October 25, 2002 02:36 am, Greg Turner wrote:
> > > So, I know this has been discussed before... but I can't recall: is
> > > native (W98) regedit expected to work right now?  For me, it doesn't.
> >
> > Well, I don't have that application, so you'll need to help debug
> > it if you want it working :). First step is a --debugmsg +listview.
> > If you think that's relevant, a screenshot too.
>ok, I'll do this tonight, and maybe even try to drill in a little deeper
>if I can figure anything interesting out.  FYI, I think this problem
>existed before your listvew work started, so its probably not your
>BTW, thanks for your ongoing work, listviews feel much better lately!

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