Status Report: -DSTRICT

Michael Stefaniuc mstefani at
Fri Oct 25 18:21:26 CDT 2002


status reports seems to be pretty popular this day so here is mine
regarding compiling wine with -DSTRICT. Below is the amount of warnings
we get when removing -DWINE_NO_STRICT:

dll		real	total
commdlg		 21	 63
gdi		128	273
ntdll		148	178
ole32		 16	 38
shell32		120	155
user		450	839
winmm/wavemap	  7	 40
winmm		104	145
winsock		 14	 42
x11drv		 60	 79
total	       1068    1852

"real" is the number of warning for which real work is need to be done,
the rest up to "total" are warnings of the type "int format, HANDLE arg".
And to fix this beasts just grab
and do:
cd wine/dlls/$dll_in_work
make clean
make 2>&1 |
and you should be done.

Happy hacking

P.S.: a request from Eric: please let him finish the 32bit - 16bit
separation of winmm. After that is yours.
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