interrupts in when in NT version

John K. Hohm jhohm at
Sat Oct 26 10:36:19 CDT 2002

> Tough all safedisc programs depend on this, I have decided not to make an 
> official patch. The reason is that additional info is needed for a proper 
> fix. Safedisc depends on that EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION is returned on an 
> int 0x01 call. But it should be checked what exceptions are raised on 
> different windows versions when int 0x01 is called. And maybe the same should 
> be done with other interrupts.
> It would be good if somebody could make that test program. Else I will keep 
> the non proper fix.

You may think me a rube, but I just made a test program that calls an arbitrary
interrupt and prints the exception information.  I don't set up any registers,
so perhaps it generates an exception when it ought not in some cases, but anyone
else is free to improve it.  Source and a VC6-compiled MSVCRT-using version,
along with results for all 255 interrupts on Windows XP Professional, is here:

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