Control Panel Application does not start

Stefan Leichter Stefan.Leichter at
Sat Oct 26 03:30:38 CDT 2002

Am Donnerstag 24 Oktober 2002 23:32 schrieb Vincent Béron:
> Le mer 23/10/2002 à 15:23, Stefan Leichter a écrit :
> > Hello,
> >
> I don't see where the traces for DOSFS_FindUnixName come from (except
> the first one). Did you added them yourself?


> Else, I don't think it's the \" which cause problem. DOSFS_ReadDir (and
> others before it) are able to locate the proper directory (and
> DOSFS_ReadDir enumerates it's content correctly). The problem seems to
> come from this:

the '\' is not in the string it gets added by the debug output (TRACE, debugstr_a)
> In DOSFS_FindUnixName:
>    name is "C:\Programme\Gemeinsame Dateien\Nokia\NCLTools\NclConf.cpl",
>  with the quotes;
>    DOSFS_ToDosFCBFormat returns FALSE (and then dos_name[0]=0) because
> the first character of its argument is a " (and thus an
> INVALID_DOS_CHARS), but it doesn't matter;
>    The DOSFS_OpenDir works correctly, with the proper Unix path;
>    The DOSFS_ReadDir loop cycles through the files in that dir,
> returning (in long_name) the different files it finds (*without* any
> path component);
>    long_name is then tested if it's the same length as the (minimum
> between the position of the first backslash in name and the length of
> name), which is 3 in this example, so of course it never matches and you
> get the final warning in DOSFS_FindUnixName.
> Could somebody with more knowledge about the DOSFS_* functions can tell
> if that's how DOSFS_FindUnixName is supposed to react (fail if name
> contains a path)? If it is indeed the case, then it's upper the call
> chain that there's a problem.
> Call chain:
>     LoadLibraryA->MODULE_LoadLibraryExA
>     MODULE_LoadLibraryExA->SearchPathA
>     SearchPathA->SearchPathW
>     SearchPathW->DIR_SearchPath
>     DIR_SearchPath->DOSFS_GetFullName
>     DOSFS_GetFullName->DOSFS_FindUnixName
> I'll try to go further with Nokia PC Suite 4.06.

It installed not so well for me (some month ago). The file where ok but many 
missing registry entries.

> Oh, and could you create a bug in bugzilla for this?

As Alexandre pointed out the problem are the quotes around the filename when 
LoadLibrary is called. I plan to create a 'good' patch for Control_DoLaunch in 
shell32. I did a hack and got further with the program (not much, 
because it does not draw the window properly and the window does not 
interact with the user).

Should the bug report be for  shell32.RunDll or for LoadLibraryA?


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