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Matthew Bloch matthew at
Sat Oct 26 15:22:32 CDT 2002

I'm porting a closed-source game to Linux, and as a stop-gap I'd like to get a 
version out using WINE until I can rewrite the Direct(Sound|Draw|3D) backends 
with SDL.  After reading this post:

and then downloading the source from the cvs, I'm confused as to my 
options.  The LICENSE file implies that the ddraw DLL is transgaming's IP but 
the files themselves have LGPL declarations at the top.  In short, am I 
within my rights to release a statically linked binary which uses the core 
WINE source code, providing I comply with the other terms of the LGPL?  I 
notice some files have Transgaming's name on them, but appear to be LGPL.  I 
think I'm within my rights, but not sure: the post above gives me most of the 
information that explains this state of affairs, but not everything.  Any 
further pointers on WINE licensing history would be appreciated.


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