Segmentation Fault

Kye Lewis kyethespy at
Sat Oct 26 21:57:42 CDT 2002

> Hi,
> Firstly, I need to make sure it's clear that wine is Seg Faulting with
> any application I try to run with it
> I have tried re-compiling it (the version is the latest CVS), and i've
> tried following some of the recomended steps from the FAQomatic @ winehq
> - with no success
> Winedbg quits with:
> No debug information in xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> ....
> No debug information in xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Invalid address for breakpoint 1, disabling it
> Invalid address for breakpoint 2, disabling it
> Process of pid=08444840 has terminated
> Any extra command-line options that I should put on winedbg to help find
> out the problem?

Just a little more info...

Wine is working with notepad.exe, calc.exe, winhlp32.exe, 
and seemingly fine with console apps like ping.exe (eg. It doesn't

Some applications (eg. pbrush.exe, write.exe) don't fault, they just
quit silently back to the bash prompt

But other apps like Acrobat Reader (acrord32.exe) and media player
(mplayer.exe, mplayer2.exe and wmplayer.exe) ARE faulting.

Only the first application in the session to fault says so - the rest
just freeze after the 'See wine User guide...' text, and cannot be
CTRL+C'd out of.

As well, the wine processes in the background cannot be killed with a
killall wine, however wineserver can..

Kye Lewis
kyethspy at

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