Segmentation Fault

Kye Lewis kyethespy at
Sun Oct 27 02:28:49 CST 2002

	>no. it seems however that:
	>- debug info is not found. Either you did remove -g flags from
	>compilation, or you have two wine trees (or installation), and
	>isn't done on the right tree (install)

Well I definitely haven't removed any flags. My installation was a
straight ./tools/wineinstall.

I've gone through a cleanup to make sure there's no wine left before I
tried re-installing, but it hasn't helped much.

I've tried re-installing 0409, 1007 and the 2610 CVS Version with no

	>- your application dies before the debugger did finish its
startup. 	>you could also try to run your app from the debugger
(winedbg 	>your_app instead of wine your_app)

	>what's strange however, if your wine always crashes at startup,
how 	>come winedbg can actually start up. something's really strange
in 	>your configuration

Well, wine doesn't crash on notepad, so my guess is that it's not
crashing in winelib ported apps - but I'm not 100 percent sure

It seems odd to me that I don't get a segfault on pbrush.exe (it just
silently fails) - I'll try running that with winedbg --debugmsg warn+all
when I go back into linux later on (am in windows right now)

It all seems to have occurred when compiling and installing the 20022610
CVS, so I guess whatever happened may have happened while installing

Kye Lewis
kyethespy at

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