Segmentation Fault

Kye Lewis kyethespy at
Sun Oct 27 04:14:25 CST 2002

I don't know if this will help my Segmentation Fault at all, but when
runing winedbg c:\\windows\\pbrush.exe, the Debugger actually waits for
a command from me.

If i take a step, it says:

Single Stepping until exit from function,
which has no line number information
Stopped on breakpoint 1 at 0x0040100c (pbrush.exe.Entrypoint in

If i then step again

Invalid address for breakpoint 0, disabling it
..... breakpoint 1 .....
..... breakpoint 2 .....
Process of pid=0a24dbf0 has terminated

a very odd thing happens if i run, and then step:

another window pops up (gdb) and I get wine_dbg_cmd: Exception c00000005
in the Wine Debugger
the gdb window says 0x402e2b41 in nanosleep () from /lib/i686/

and stepping in that window steps me through function nanosleep (?!?!?!)

it would seem that it starts to debug wine itself!

unfortunately, this window doesn't allow copy and paste, so i'll have to
type it out for you (it may be a little incorrect):

__errno_location () at errno.c:48
48	return wine_errno_location();

(gdb) step

thread_errno_location () at ../../include/winnt.h:1717
1717		__asm__(".byte 0x64\n\tmov1 (0x18),%0" : "=r" (teb));

(gdb) step

Program recieved signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault
thread_errno_location () at ../../include/winnt.h:1717
1717		__asm__(".byte 0x64\n\tmov1 (0x18),%0" : "=r" (teb));

(gdb) step

Program recieved signal SIGCONT, Continued
0x40305134 in read () from /lib/i686/

etc... etc... etc...

and it goes through a whole heck of code...

The only thing that comes up in the console is

Can't attach process 8072d90: error 5

Kye Lewis
kyethespy at

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