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Matthew Bloch matthew at
Sun Oct 27 05:06:30 CST 2002

On Sunday 27 October 2002 01:56, you wrote:
> Matthew Bloch <matthew at> writes:
> > I'm porting a closed-source game to Linux, and as a stop-gap I'd like to
> > get a version out using WINE until I can rewrite the
> > Direct(Sound|Draw|3D) backends with SDL.  After reading this post:
> >
> >
> >ml
> >
> > and then downloading the source from the cvs, I'm confused as
> > to my options.  The LICENSE file implies that the ddraw DLL is
> > transgaming's IP but the files themselves have LGPL declarations at the
> > top.
> Everything in the tree is under LGPL, and there is nothing
> in the LICENSE file about ddraw, it looks like you are confusing it
> with the one from the Transgaming tree. So if you want only LGPL code,
> make sure you only check things out from

You're right, I still had the winex sources hanging around which was what 
confused me.


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