Wine securityflaw: Protect against root

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Sun Oct 27 09:52:18 CST 2002

> Also, I stated that the command line parameter to wine would be required
> to even start the process - in other words, if you didn't supply it, you
> would not get the dialog, wine would just terminate.
> AND, this would not necessarily have to be bloat in wine, it could be
> handled by a default wrapper - the wrapper checks UID and command flags,
> provides feedback if Wine needs to rebuild the font cache, etc.
that's what I suggested in my previous mail:
1/ don't do it inside wine binary
2/ if you really want to do it, do it from the wrapper (which is also
   suited for distros specific configuration options)

> You represent one extreme of the spectrum - "This isn't Wine's job, we
> shouldn't do anything."
my point is: there is enough ways to do it (inside wine, inside
linux...) to
not need to add more stuff to wine binaries. what may lack indeed is the
proper documentation (for packagers...)


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