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Andreas Mohr andi at
Sun Oct 27 16:52:52 CST 2002

On Sun, Oct 27, 2002 at 03:21:31PM -0500, Doug Brown wrote:
> Hello
> I used to work with Slava Monich in the period 1992-1997 thereabouts.
> I am interested to find him now.
> I found his name on some Wine web pages from Google search
> on his name and after not finding anything furthermore specific
> I ask you for help.
> If you have any latest and greatest contact information for
> this gentleman, please let me know.
> I tried him at monich at but got denied.
Nothing easier than doing:
andi at note:/usr/local/src/wine$ grep -i monich ChangeLog |sort|uniq
        * windows/dialog.c: Slava Monich <Slava.Monich at>
        * windows/dialog.c: Slava Monich <Slava_Monich at>
        * windows/syscolor.c: Slava Monich <Slava.Monich at>
        * windows/win.c: Slava Monich <Slava.Monich at>
        * windows/winpos.c: Slava Monich <Slava_Monich at>
        Slava Monich <Slava.Monich at>
        Slava Monich <Slava_Monich at>

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