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Jeff Smith whydoubt at
Sun Oct 27 23:50:39 CST 2002

Actually, I believe Klingon got rejected.  Some junk
about it not being a 'real' language or something.
Try telling that to all the people that speak it
though.  Probably more than some of the other
languages represented in Unicode.

Maybe we should continue through the ASCII character
set: 'X' 'Y' 'Z' '[' '\' ']' '^' '_' ...

-- Jeff S.

>From: "David D. Hagood" <wowbagger at>
>To: wine-devel at
>Andreas Mohr wrote:
>>What a weak and useless suggestion, this will run out of characters in
>>no time at all ;-)
>>Better use Chinese characters !
>Bah! You are still weak! Better to use Klingon - I do beleive they've 
>reserve some Unicode space for them!

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