Bug #321: dlls/msvct/vf[w]printf functions

Jaco Greeff jaco at puxedo.org
Mon Oct 28 01:05:42 CST 2002

Dmitry Timoshkov wrote:
>>+ wchar_t wch = L'w', *wstring = L"Unicode";
>>+ void *p = 0x1234ABCD;
> 1. use explicit WCHAR type instead of wchar_t.
> 2. explicitly encode unicode strings.

Agreed, that one is directly from the MS site (link attached to a 
previous mail) and I've used it as such as a test case. It is very ugly, 
and in addition you get millions of warnings just compiling it. I wanted 
to make sure that we get as close to a "real-world" example working 
hence not stuffing around (making it "real-wine-code") too much. The 
point has been proven, real-world code works, I'll fix that up to be 

>>wctomb(ch, wch);
> 3. directly use Win32 conversion APIs (WideCharToMultiByte in this case).

Damnit, must have missed that one. I'm sure I had WideCharToMultiByte 

> Take a look at other places in the Wine source how to do it properly.

I know how to do it properly, reasons for the irritations explained 
above. Back to the real question: is there anything else missing that 
should be looked at in the patch? (Apart for the ugly test case and char 


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