Segmentation Fault: A possibility???

Kye Lewis kyethespy at
Mon Oct 28 04:50:35 CST 2002


Sorry for posting all of this to the wine-devel group continuously, but I may 
have found the problem (or I may not have) but either way I need some help.

I have run wine --debugmsg +relay acrord32.exe and read the resulting file.
The last thing that comes up is: wineoss.drv

I had a quick look through the specific function's code 

(The actual log entry is:

Call wineoss.drv.DriverProc(00000000,403e2858,00000001,00000000,00000000) 


Recently in the KDE Control Panel's Sound options, I ticked the 'Use Full 
Duplex' option - and ever since that it hasn't worked.

Could this have been the reason?

I can't look and see if it was now, i'll have to restart linux, and right now 
i'm the internet server on the network - so no restarts for me :(

Kye Lewis
kyethespy at

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