more desperate cries for help...

Dustin Navea speeddymon at
Tue Oct 29 06:00:07 CST 2002

> --- Greg Turner <gmturner007 at> wrote:
> Beware of this one, It's long, and I've spliced
> together at least two
> (three?) posts, and probably quoted things
> out-of-order...

First off, everything seems in order to me...  but
thats just me...


> to work, and may not get right? Why make getting
> it right harder by
> adding a lot of complexity, instead of adding
> infrastructure?
> good point, that seems like the logical way to
> proceed.

I totally agree here, we should always implement
things and get them working properly before we get
them working fast, or else we become like the evil
empire ;)

> Also: we could, indeed, implement wine-rpcss as you
> mention.  Since it's
> not properly a "subsystem" in the MS sense of the
> term, maybe it's
> called "wine-epmap" but that's just semantics...
> what you describe is
> totally doable, and we could convert from some
> low-level kludgy
> implementation to an RPC-based implementation once
> the necessary
> marshalling was in place... I'll give this serious
> thought.

ok well if it is doable, i believe we should do it,
why focus on the stuff that is _truely_ hard and that
we may possibly not know jack shit about when we can
get the _easier_ (not necessarily easy) stuff out of
the way first, that will lead to a more solid codebase
with which to work with.

> Back to Ove:


> heh, I know how that goes.  Your insights, alone,
> are helpful and
> appreciated; get well, and we will collaborate on
> this when you have
> the time to devote to it.

 yes please, do get better soon, i may be coming down
 with something myself, my friend/roommate's ex may be
 the one that gave it to me too :(  she is in the
 hospital now with an abcess on her tonsils, and i may
 have (somehow) gotten something from it, as I now
 a sore throat...


 P.S. nice quote Greg ;)

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