Versions & mass-appeal

Shachar Shemesh wine-devel at
Wed Oct 30 04:21:51 CST 2002

Ender wrote:

>     - Getting the right set of dlloverrides and registry entries correct
>for a large portion of software is irritating. Most of this comes down to
>the lack of WINE being able to dynamically run RunOnce and wininit.ini
>entries. Doing this manually is far beyond your average user who just
>wants to install a reasonably complex program. Something like Crossover's
> is needed.
I'm willing to tackle that (the BiDi stuff is only slowly going, and 
there may be some unexpected development coming that is outside my 
hands, so I have SOME free resources available).

Where do I get to have a look? Either that, or can someone 
answer a few questions regarding it?
- When are the boot time activities taking place? On wine start? On 
wineserver start?
- When are login time activities taking place?
- How should a reboot request be treated? Should it be an indication 
that all these operations should start now, and let other wine programs 
carry on as usual?



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