Testing Applications

Tony Lambregts tony_lambregts at telusplanet.net
Wed Oct 30 07:18:10 CST 2002

Kye Lewis wrote:

>I've done a lot of testing different applications that I have (and
>checking on their progress with new wine versions) and I was wondering:
>Should I report every application that doesn't work as a separate bug?
Yes, a seperate bug report for each program is nessesary. It is possible 
that there are more than one bug report per program. For example the 
program crashes when I open a certain menu.  and there is a display 
problem with one of the other menus.  

A couple of  things I would suggest before you submitt any  bug report.  
Do I actually use this program on a regular basis?  If  this is the case 
then can I reproduce the bug  and do I understand the steps that it 
takes to reproduce it and am I willing and able to do the followup to 
ensure that the bug is fixed?  If the answer is yes then search bugzilla 
to see if the bug is already reported. If it is then add to the existing 
bug report. If not  then start a new one.

At this point I have limited time to spend with wine and I have to be 
selective about where I spend it.  
I have seen a recent set of bug reports that simply list a fixme that a 
program  has hit without any indication that the program behaved in an 
incorrect manner.  When I see a bug report like that I want to yell at 
the reporter for wasting my time with a useless bug report.  

Simply taking a program at random and seeing if it will run is fine in 
itself I suppose but submitting a bug report implies a certain 
commitment to getting it fixed.

Tony Lambregts

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