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Ender winedev at
Wed Oct 30 08:35:33 CST 2002

> >  - No users, because of two things:
> >      - Many apps do not work without Desktop enabled. This is far
> > worse than it sounds, because most newbies try managed non-desktop
> > first. People think WINE should be able to do seemless intergration.
> > Then when an application hangs, they think it's incompatible and give
> > up. However in many cases the Application will work fine in Desktop
> > mode. BAD, these apps should either be made to work... or non-desktop
> > mode should be removed!
> wierd, I basically never have theese problems, even in cases where the
> AppDB says it's an issue... what apps need this right now?

One example is the Australian E-Tax program mentioned recently - it'll
hang on the splashscreen when no Desktop window exists (download:

Another example is setup programs for things like Internet Explorer,
Microsoft Visual Studio. They'll crash out or just generally not work if
various programs (_INSxxx._MP for example) are not set to use Desktop. I
believe the QuickTimeInstaller suffers from the same problem, as well as
several other bits of software I've tried using recently..

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